Collection 2019

Living in a shoebox

Recent years' urbanization has put Compact Living on the agenda. When the space shrinks, demands on creativity in interior design grow. We all know how it goes: The living room is very often the center of family gathering and has become more of a multi-room,where several activities are going on at the same time. There has to be space for children to play and tumble, but at the same time, there must be a cozy corner, offering tranquility to work or relax. Innovation Living's modular series,Splitback, offers both multifunctional sofas and chairs that live up to the requirements of a modern living space.

Splitback sofa and chairs are designed to interact with each other to adapt to the current application - whether is be as a sofa, chair, sofa set, sofa lounges, conversation sofa, multifunctional daybed, single or double bed. Splitback Frej sofa bed has a two-piece backrest, which is easily adjustable to three different positions - sofa, relax and bed. Each backrest can be individually laid down, creating a dynamic space, regardless of location, for you, your family or your guests.