Comfort & Quality

Innovation Living offers a wide range of mattresses with different preferences and has over the past 25 years, continually developed and refined our mattresses in order to improve comfort and durability. We have an environmentally friendly view on our production, which is why we recover and apply excess foam in the cotton cores of our Classic mattresses.

This overview gives you an idea about the different types of mattresses we can offer you.


Spring mattress 6-12 cm

Spring mattress 6-12 cm

A high resilient mattress with a pocket spring core surrounded by two layers of breathable carted cotton on top and one layer underneath

Available for:

Splitback, Ample, Dublexo, Clubber, Frode, Oldschool, Osvald, Bragi, Magni, Unfurl, Puzzle, Sigmund, Hermod, Napper, Zeal, Ghia, Idun, Sly, Recast Plus, All You Need, Alrik, Turi & Una Deluxe Button

Spring mattress 13-16 cm

The Excess Pocket Spring is a fusion mattress with 13-16 cm pocket spring, which makes it an extra soft and comfortable mattresss.

Available for:

Bifrost D.E.L., Cassius D.E.L., Long Horn D.E.L, & Supremax D.E.L..

Excess Pocket spring mattress

Undivided mattresses

A handmade and easy bendable mattress, which ensures a sofa bed with a comfortable and supportive surface for relaxing, sleeping and sitting.

Available for:

Minimum, Fraction, Balder, Vidar, Mimer, Colpus, Aslak, Rollo & Ronia  

Soft spring mattress

Soft Spring mattress

An 18 cm ultra-soft spring mattress. The special combination of a core of 10 cm membrane-bounded pocket spring surrounded by 5 cm of hyper soft foam on top and 3 cm compact foam at the bottom, makes it high resilient.

Firmness rating: Extra soft

Please note: Available for Aslak, Balder, Colpus, Fraction, Frigga, Minimum & Vidar in 140 x 200 cm.

Available for Fraction & Aslak 120 x 200 cm. Detachable covers can not be used on this mattress. 

Spring mattress

Spring mattress

A fusion mattress with 12 cm pocket spring surrounded by two layers of breathable, carted cotton on top and one layer of carted cotton underneath. A high resilient luxury mattress of high quality and longevity.

Firmness rating: Soft

Please note: Mattress size in 120 x 200 cm has a 9 cm pocket spring.